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About Flax Weaving

As part of the Painters group, meet on Monday and Friday mornings.

Kowhai Art and Craft, to me is a relaxing space to meet people, make friends and enjoy opinions and criticisms on my creations. What I really love as a member of many years, is the flexibility of using the club, also the availability to everyone to learn any of the arts offered.

Flax Weaving:
As part of the Friday Painters Group, I not only paint , I weave Flax. Anyone interested in learning the skill of Flax Weaving will be in for an amazing journey while using the plants that most New Zealanders have in their gardens, ie Flax.

It takes a while to learn the skill of Flax Weaving, however you will learn the basic steps which will lead to creating larger items as you progress. Like any art, patience is required.

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