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Kowhai Art and Craft

To provide an art space/whare toi to nurture creativity

Kowhai Art and Craft are a community based organization supporting arts and crafts in Warkworth since 1975.

Members attend to develop creative skills, build friendships and to have fun participating in creative programmes.

Tuition is not provided but members are usually willing to share their knowledge and expertise. There may be some tutoring in some programmes and as well as occasional workshops, but for the most part, members use the facilities to work on their own projects, at their own pace.

Responsibilities of Members: Members are expected to be involved in assisting with the day to day operations of the club rooms; either sitting on the executive committee, arranging workshops and field trips, presenting demonstrations, organizing exhibitions, and/or sharing the maintenance activities.

Fees. There is a one-time joining fee of $15. A non refundable annual subscription of $95 is payable upon joining. The annual fees are renewable on March 1st. For new memberships beginning after June 1st, the annual fee will be pro-rated. There may be additional costs for workshops in which members may wish to participate.

A paid up member is welcome to join as many programmes as they wish to attend. Just contact the relevant programme coordinator to make arrangements for a visit or to join.

Visitors. Visitors are welcome to drop in to have a look around. Call ahead or drop by Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm when we are most likely to be there. Not all programmes are ongoing on every day so check the schedule to know when the activity which is of interest to you happens.

Casual participants.You are welcome to participate in a program on a casual basis for a small fee. Contact the coordinator for the Group you are interested in to make arrangements.

Open Day. This is an annual event when the general public is invited to visit the club rooms to check out the activities there. All the programmes are represented in the club rooms on that day.

Exhibition and Sale. An annual Art Exhibition event  in Matakana, known as The Kowhai Art-full Weekend. The club sets up an exhibition and sale of members works here.

Annual General Meeting. (AGM) All members are invited to attend this meeting which includes election of officers of the Executive Committee who manage the day to day operations of the club on behalf of the members.

General Meetings. Two general meetings are held each year in addition to the AGM. These meetings are open to all members and present an opportunity for questions and discussions about the workings of the club. These are usually followed by a shared lunch.

Newsletter. A club newsletter is published on three/four occasions in a year and distributed to all members.

Social Activities. The club organizes a BBQ and occasional shared lunches for all members. Each group may also arrange other activities for their members.

New Programmes. If you would like to start up a new programme, the Executive Committee would be pleased to chat with you.

Our Location

Kowhai Art and Craft are approximately 1 kilometre North of the Hill Street intersection in Warkworth. Turn right at the traffic lights across the road from the Z petrol station, (entrance opposite Hudson Road) just inside the entrance to the Warkworth Showgrounds.
Address: 2 State Highway 1. Warkworth. 0981. Our Postal address is P.O. Box 138 Warkworth 0941.

Get in touch

To contact us and find out more about Kowhai Art and Craft you will need to contact one of our Group Representative’s.
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For any NON-MEMBER or NON-GROUP enquiries please contact