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About Pottery

People to Pottery, Clay to the Kiln.

We meet every Monday and Wednesday morning.

We are very sorry but Pottery Group is temporarily closed for new members. We have a large backlog wanting to join.

Collectively we are a broad range of people who work on individual activities with clay.

Singly, we create our own ‘works of art’ ranging from flowers, animals and totem poles for the garden, through beautiful fine bowls, plates and jugs on the wheel, to hand built ornaments reflecting our individual inclinations.
Beauty could be said to be in the eye or hands of the creator! The joy of the potters group is that all members are free to ‘create to the hilt’ and are only limited by their enthusiasm (and some specifics such as firing details).
When construction issues arise helpful suggestions are always on offer if sought (and sometimes when not). Viewing the creative process can give rise to much hilarity, admiration, determination, discussion and further ideas for production. Works may vary from the more freeform rustic to those of masterful perfection.
As Kowhai Art and Craft is a co operative it relies on people contributing if and when they can. The Pottery group is like a zip, interlocking and functioning well where people give of their time and experience when able. Matters arising are voiced at the ‘ Noon Natter’ held losely every Monday. This is headed by our ‘Social Secretary’ and Group Rep and is a good time to discuss K.A.C.affairs in general and or any issues pertinent to pottery such as ordering clays, glazes, cleaning, payments, organising a tutorial or open days .The group is also very much a social gathering place where birthdays are recognised and people can enjoy their pursuits in the company of others.
New techniques are often introduced such as Obvara, Saggar and Raku firings to develop and add to the group’s skills.
We generally have 3-4 different clays and use diverse processes such as slab, coiling, moulding and throwing on the wheel. We have two main rooms comprising a clay room with moulds and tools, and the glazing and kiln room.
Our members are as varied and interesting as the ceramics they produce which makes for a welcoming combination. So join us at POTTERY and explore your hidden talents with CREATIVE CLAYWORK.

Saggar Firing at Kowhai Art and Craft

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