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About Mixed Media

Mixed Media meets on the first Thursday of the month at 1pm at KAC. We try to plan out early in the year what we want to learn about and then experiment with various mediums. Some of us are experts in some things, most of us are not. It is a casual, relaxed but supportive and friendly group. We are messy and often achieve unexpectedly pleasing results.

We play with paper and cloth; inks and acrylic paints; stitching (machine or hand), glue; wire, beads or embellishments. We have experimented with gelli plate printing, paper dying and rusting, turning paper into cloth so it can be stitched; fusing fabrics and paper mache.

Knowledge, materials and tips are shared with outside help coming to teach us specific methods from time to time.  We welcome new participants and encourage visitors to come try before they join to see if it is for them. Everyone  has something to offer.

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