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About Leatherwork

We meet every Thursday.

Leatherwork is quite an ancient craft, developed initially to decorate riding equipment such as saddles reigns and straps. It was however also used for bottles, drinking  cups, plates and attachments for armour.

The process is simple, by dampening specially cured leather it can be made more malleable and shaped and decorations embossed and /or carved into the leather. When it dries out it retains its shape and can be coloured with dyes and made water proof. The majority of patterns are made by carving the surface of the leather with a special knife and using leather punches to depress the leather to get a 3 dimensional picture or pattern.

Today it is common to decorate leather objects such as belts, shoes and handbags but it is also possible to use it to create patterns on furniture, chairs, tables, but also chess sets and even flowers also wall sculptures and bottles.

Leatherwork incorporates a variety of skill including drawing, design and is not dissimilar to pencil drawing as everything is raised up or pressed down (Similar to black and white).

KAC has a small but very enthusiastic leather group that meets each Thursday morning, each of whom tend to specialise in different areas. There is also a parent body the “Leather Association of NZ” who run leather workshops regularly and have a newsletter showcasing creations of members, four times a year.

Leatherwork has a beautiful antiqued appearance and its end uses are only as extensive as your imagination. It can give a very authentic appearance to your creations.

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