Health & Safety and Etiquette Protocols
for all members March 2021

Emergency Matters:
Muster point: The grassed park area beside the path to The Mens’ Red Shed. Exits:Three doors; the front, the kitchen door, and the pottery door to the back garden. Fire Extinguishers: One in the kitchen and two next to the front door.

Outside Hazards:
All be aware of car parking and the possibility that the outside kiln in the back garden may be in use.

Inside Hazards:
Make sure your craft gear is out of the way of the club’s thoroughfares.

A basic First Aid kit is on the wall in the upper room.

At this time we are observing Covid 19 levels as they are announced. QR codes or paper registrations are to be used when entering the clubhouse. Appropriate people spacing and hand washing is continued.

On leaving the clubrooms:
Last person makes sure that: All the windows are shut.

Heaters, fans and lights are off.

Hot water heater and all appliances in the kitchen are off Doors are locked and the gate is shut.

Etiquette Protocols:
Leave your work space clean and tidy.

Help with your chosen group when on the club’s cleaning roster. (Roster is on the noticeboard).

Take all your refuse home.

Group activities occur only on fixed days and times as per the roster. Permission is required from groups affected if an activity is to be done on a non-prescribed day.

Please note:
Each group has particular protocols according to the materials, methods and equipment it uses. When joining a group make sure you understand these protocols.

Finally, practise manaakitanga, respect and care for others and place.